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have in supporting romney is that i feel that since his advisors have advocated a stronger u.s. intervention policy with possible ground troops in yemen, somalia, syria, iran and then special forces operations, that i would like to hear him commit to a war tax that would be put on so that we don't once again charge wars. and i think that it should be put on in the way that president obama talks about, shared sacrifices. so i think it should be some type of transaction fee within the financial community. and i just really feel that romney needs to back up what he's talking about in his more aggressive foreign policy. >> frances, thanks for the call from waldorf, maryland. we are about one hour and 40 minutes away from the start of the debate. and in just over an hour, as we've done with the last three debates, the two presidential, the one vice-presidential debate, we will do something that you will get nowhere else. we'll take you inside the world theater on the campus of lynn university as the members of the commission from presidential debates addresses the gathering. the stu
about the two men, the latest "u.s.a. today" d gallup poll has them in a dead heat, a virtual dead heat on likeability. 44% to 43%. what else should we know about the numbers that you discovered in that poll? >> well, no surprise about eight out of 10 democrats have a favorable impression of vice president biden. a few more, 85%, of republicans have a favorable impression of paul ryan. joe biden's unfavorable rating is higher than that. of paul ryan. and pipe continues to be someone that a lot of americans don't really know much about. almost one in five americans told us in this survey that they either had never heard of paul ryan or that they just didn't know enough about him to have an opinion. so he's got perhaps a little bit more room to grow tonight as people get a chance to see him in action for the first time. >> for susan page, lease take a few calls. we're asking people about this and how much it matters to people as voters. let's talk to a kentucky caller. joyce, a democrat. >> hi. i personally like joe biden and president obama. i think they're both doing a fantastic job. it
preview of what to look for in this town hall debate. meanwhile, on c-span2, the north dakota u.s. senate debate. it is one of the closest senate races in the country. and c-span3 tonight has a discussion of what is that is that it o'clock eastern. -- 8:00 eastern. >> it is time for the second of three presidential debates. tonight features a town hall format with 82 undecided voters asking questions of the two candidates. cnn's candy crowley is the moderator. our live coverage begins 90 minutes from now. you will have a front row seat, seen only on this network. live debate coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we will have a lineup of guests talking politics. we will involve you all along the way with phone calls, tweets, and your facebook comments. what would you ask if you have the opportunity to be in that hall tonight. you can post it. >> we are happy to have your tweets on c-span. we will begin our evening with janet. she joins us inside the hall. give our viewers a history of the town hall format. >> the format was initially tried in 1992 at the university of richmond
of wyoming, former u.s. senator. [applause] from the sea of california -- state of california, antonia hernandez. welcome. [applause] and the newest member of the commission, which means a lot to me, we are happy to add to our list tonight father john jenkins from notre dame university. [applause] now i have to lecture first about these things. this all will be dark as we go forward. even if you have it on silent and you turn it on, it flashes with lights. hopefully we can live a for 90 minutes without these things turned on. turn them off. keep them off. secondly, this is not the primary debate. all the cheering we have heard, we hope we will not hear that until the end of the debate. there are many people in this audience to are part of history. you are here in person. there'll be millions of people sitting at home and watching this and listening very carefully to the president and to governor romney and trying to determine what they will do in november. it is wrong for us to intrude on them. please, do not clap or cheer. do not make any noise. we have a little surprise for those who
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4